Sabahar – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

If you go to Addis Ababa you have to find a driver that knows where Sabahar is located.  It is such an amazing store and the grounds are gorgeous.  They sell everything from jewelry to blankets.  I always stop there when I visit to load up on more goodies to bring home.  Amazingly enough, everything I have purchased over the years has held up beautifully.  We use our blankets and I definitely wear my scarves and not a one has unraveled or torn.  They make some of their products on location, but also hire weavers around Ethiopia that have looms at home.  Here are a few images from my recent trip followed by my new blanket and pillows that are now my favorites.

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I Heart Faces | Happiness

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When I saw this month’s challenge was Happiness at I Heart Faces I knew exactly the picture!  I was working in my office one evening and heard this loud giggling in my bedroom.  I walked in there to find my oldest playing Angry Birds laughing and having a wonderful time.  I took a quick picture with my phone and noticed the neat light from the screen on his face.  I grabbed my normal camera and quickly snapped a few more.  I think he was oblivious I was even in the room. :)  Looking forward to all the great entries this week!

I Heart Faces…Best Face Photo of 2011

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This was tough!  I took thousands of pictures in 2011 and picking my favorite was so difficult.  The one I finally picked is without a doubt a favorite.  I took it on my birthday of my oldest son.  We were giggling in my room when I noticed some pretty awesome light coming through the glass doors.  I asked if I could wrap my favorite Ethiopian scarf around him and take a picture.  My guess is that he said yes because it was my birthday.  What a wonderful present I can keep forever.

Summer Vacation!

I am so happy Harry let me take a bunch of pictures.  He has been “on strike” and I have missed capturing his sweet little face.

No…I did not pose him.  He actually asked me to take his picture and posed himself.  Hilarious.

I may have wallpaper made of this picture (kidding).  I love it that much.

We just returned from a wonderful vacation.  My boys love the beach and we all had such a wonderful time.  Ahhh…back to reality now.  I didn’t realize how much I needed to get away and relax!

3/17/2011…beautiful, but windy day

Well today started out perfect.  The boys were playing nicely, the windows were open…a really great morning.  We had to go to my parents to drop off a few things and then we took our recycling into town.  It was so windy today that when I opened my car door the wind took it and now it won’t shut right.  Weirdest thing ever!  We had all these errands to run and I was scared to death to drive home with the boys in the car.  The door luckily latched, it just isn’t quite “right”.  I don’t know how to explain it.  The whole way home Harry lectured me on how to open a door on a windy day and how I probably should have held on tighter so this wouldn’t have happened.  Thanks Harry…. Thankfully we got home safe and sound and decided to play outside on this warm day.  Here’s a few from today.

Oh my word…he looks like a big kid.  Where did my baby go? Sniff….

Toddler model…so funny how he strikes a pose.

the mookies…

We are all so ready for warmer weather.  Even though it was terribly windy, we decided to bundle up and head outdoors for a bit.  Ashenafi and I were freezing, but Harry could have stayed outside forever.  Here are a few pictures from today!

These were a second apart…my goodness!


I Heart Faces {Cell Phone}

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This was taken with an iPhone Hipstamatic app.  I used the John S Lens and Ina’s 1935 film with no flash. This was one of the first pictures I ever took with my iPhone and it is still one of my favorites.  My mother and I took my sons on a picnic and then decided to throw rocks in the river.  Fun little memory.

I Heart Faces {Best Face Photo from January}

This was a hard choice for me because I just returned from Ethiopia and photographed many beautiful faces.  This one however came to mind first.

We had just returned from our meetings in Awassa/Shashemene and were back in Addis.  On the way to our hotel we passed this woman sitting alongside the road.  We had brought our leftovers from lunch and wanted to give them to her so Dawit and I turned the van around to see if she wanted them.  She was very sweet and had kind eyes.  I had Dawit ask if it was okay for me to take her picture and she was so kind to allow it.

This is a “People’s Choice Voting” so head over to I Heart Faces and vote on my link if you like this photo!