I Heart Faces {Best Face Photo from January}

This was a hard choice for me because I just returned from Ethiopia and photographed many beautiful faces.  This one however came to mind first.

We had just returned from our meetings in Awassa/Shashemene and were back in Addis.  On the way to our hotel we passed this woman sitting alongside the road.  We had brought our leftovers from lunch and wanted to give them to her so Dawit and I turned the van around to see if she wanted them.  She was very sweet and had kind eyes.  I had Dawit ask if it was okay for me to take her picture and she was so kind to allow it.

This is a “People’s Choice Voting” so head over to I Heart Faces and vote on my link if you like this photo!

26 thoughts on “I Heart Faces {Best Face Photo from January}

  1. she seems so wise; like each of those creases in her face was earned through her years of hardship and experience. and I KNOW that tattoo on her forehead has a story behind it. but it doesn’t look like the traditional cross. any thoughts?

  2. This is a very beautiful woman. I’m always particularily fond of a picture that doesn’t have a baby/cute kid in it, for these challenges. I love the story behind this one. Well done!

  3. As soon as I saw this photo I thought – I wonder if she was in Africa! We just got back from Ethiopia a couple of months ago. The shot I took last week for the challenge was a little boy from a church outside of Addis…

    Oh how I love her face, the wrinkles, she is absolutely exquisite and you have captured her beautifully 🙂

  4. What an amazing shot! Amongst all the kids photos that have been entered, this shot of an old lady is just raw. I love the cute shots, but this one really speaks and makes me feel something. This is definately my favourite for this weeks challenge!

  5. When I saw this picture so many things got my attention: the tattoo on her forehead, the wedding band, the life stories this woman must have. When I clicked to comment I noticed so many others thought the same thing. What a wonderful photo of a beautiful woman.

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