I Heart Faces | Pet Faces (August 2012)

(click photo to enlarge)

I was very excited to see I Heart Faces was having another challenge involving pets!  The first image that came to mind was Kiwi the greyhound.  Kiwi was a natural model and really wanted to make her presence known.  She was a sweet girl, but would take my newborn hats and hide them when I wasn’t watching! This should be another fun challenge!

Photo Challenge Submission


4 thoughts on “I Heart Faces | Pet Faces (August 2012)

  1. I keep coming back to this because I can’t get over how perfectly that dog is mirroring the posture of the man in the photograph! Very cool shot.

  2. I was thinking the same thing, I love how her pose is the same as his. I adore Greyhounds, I have had several throughout my life. They really are the super models of the dog world 😉 Great lighting and composition. Lovely photo!

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