While in Ethiopia this year I took a picture of baskets in an alley that I knew needed to be displayed in a more “special” way than just placing the image in an ordinary frame.  I have always wanted to try an acrylic print, but wasn’t sure how to go about getting that done.  I did some research online and stumbled upon the company Bumblejax.  I read through each tab on their site including this super helpful FAQ section and decided to just give them a shot.  I ordered a 16×24 of the baskets and a 12×12 of a very special woman we love in Ethiopia.

The acrylics came so well packaged and were way beyond my expectations.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to the way my prints are displayed and I was floored.  I wish I had ordered bigger in fact.  The bonus was they came ready to hang.  Why am I writing this review?  I have a lot of clients who buy the digital rights and this is a company I trust with my work. The color, quality, and craftsmanship was spot on.  This place rocks and you will not be disappointed.  I’ve had a few friends order from Bumblejax since my initial post on FB, and they are just as happy.  Clients, I am happy to order for you or assist if you have questions.


(click image to enlarge)

Below is a video on how they make their acrylic prints…


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