3/17/2011…beautiful, but windy day

Well today started out perfect.  The boys were playing nicely, the windows were open…a really great morning.  We had to go to my parents to drop off a few things and then we took our recycling into town.  It was so windy today that when I opened my car door the wind took it and now it won’t shut right.  Weirdest thing ever!  We had all these errands to run and I was scared to death to drive home with the boys in the car.  The door luckily latched, it just isn’t quite “right”.  I don’t know how to explain it.  The whole way home Harry lectured me on how to open a door on a windy day and how I probably should have held on tighter so this wouldn’t have happened.  Thanks Harry…. Thankfully we got home safe and sound and decided to play outside on this warm day.  Here’s a few from today.

Oh my word…he looks like a big kid.  Where did my baby go? Sniff….

Toddler model…so funny how he strikes a pose.


the mookies…

We are all so ready for warmer weather.  Even though it was terribly windy, we decided to bundle up and head outdoors for a bit.  Ashenafi and I were freezing, but Harry could have stayed outside forever.  Here are a few pictures from today!

These were a second apart…my goodness!