One of my favorite pictures ever of my Mother.  Beautiful….


I Heart Faces {Cell Phone}

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This was taken with an iPhone Hipstamatic app.  I used the John S Lens and Ina’s 1935 film with no flash. This was one of the first pictures I ever took with my iPhone and it is still one of my favorites.  My mother and I took my sons on a picnic and then decided to throw rocks in the river.  Fun little memory.

I Heart Faces {Best Face Photo from January}

This was a hard choice for me because I just returned from Ethiopia and photographed many beautiful faces.  This one however came to mind first.

We had just returned from our meetings in Awassa/Shashemene and were back in Addis.  On the way to our hotel we passed this woman sitting alongside the road.  We had brought our leftovers from lunch and wanted to give them to her so Dawit and I turned the van around to see if she wanted them.  She was very sweet and had kind eyes.  I had Dawit ask if it was okay for me to take her picture and she was so kind to allow it.

This is a “People’s Choice Voting” so head over to I Heart Faces and vote on my link if you like this photo!

Our little ones…

The other night the boys were up WAY past their bedtime (not unusual) so why not play “photo studio” as Harry calls it. We set up the tripod and I raced back and forth trying to get a decent shot.  I actually love this because somehow they are being real as hard as we were laughing.

I Heart Faces “Photojournalism”

Ethiopia is a beautiful country and to say soccer is popular there would be an understatement.  In the above photo there is clearly a story to be told.  I know there was an intense soccer game going on.  This picture makes me long for the country, the food, the loving people…

I love photojournalism.  It would most definitely, no question about it be my dream job.  This is going to be an amazing week at I Heart Faces.  I plan on looking at every single entry.

Not bragging… just really excited

I love the Pioneer Woman.  I cannot tell you how much I  have learned from her and she is hysterically funny.  She has a photo assignment this week, Happiness.  I thought of Popo.  Remember this post?  I really didn’t think I had a chance because of all the amazing images that are submitted on her assignments.  I figured I would take a chance and I am glad I did!  My picture made the first Group!  There will be 5 Groups in total and you can submit a photo a day.  Even if I make it no further, I am so overwhelmed by some  really amazing comments.  I feel honored to even be recognized by her.  Check it out here.

Harry gets crafty

Harry didn’t want to go to school today because he was sleepy.  We have been going non stop and I think he just wanted to veg and secretly I did too.  He did however get crafty and wanted to cut foamy paper.  He cut narrow columns which he said were members of our family.  He is getting so much better at controlling his writing utensil.  Sweet boy…

From left to right: Ashenafi, Harry, Mommy, Mimi, Papa, Daddy and Uncle Matt


Harry and I were the only people up early one morning.  We decided to go outside and I brought along my camera.  We walked through my father’s cornfield and I was shooting away.  When we came inside and I saw this image I was thrilled because it is so him.  He (4.5 years old) actually likes it to because he thinks he looks tough.  I have been looking forward to this week’s challenge at i heart faces because I love black and whites!


Ethiopia!  Anyone who knows me, knows my love for this wonderful country.  I have traveled there twice and plan on returning in June with a dear friend I met through our adoption process.  I have traveled to other countries, but Ethiopia is my favorite by far.  I am forever changed by the experiences and the wonderful people I encountered.  Ethiopia will definitely be a place we return many times in the future!

My first trip to Ethiopia was to visit our son.  I stayed at a wonderful Ethiopian hotel and this was my view!  I loved waking up in the morning and watching all the blue taxis, animals and people on their way to work.  I spent my days with our son, which was also quite amazing.

This shot was taken during Timkat (Epiphany).  Timkat celebrates the baptism of Jesus.  The streets were filled with people and celebration.  Such a memorable experience to witness and share.

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I am so excited to enter my first picture on i heart faces!  Textures were a very scary concept, but I am so glad I tried them!  They really can add so much to a photo.   I was up until 3am trying all different textures and fell in love with this shot of our oldest, Harry, right before preschool.   Check out the other entries at i heart faces