While in Ethiopia this year I took a picture of baskets in an alley that I knew needed to be displayed in a more “special” way than just placing the image in an ordinary frame.  I have always wanted to try an acrylic print, but wasn’t sure how to go about getting that done.  I did some research online and stumbled upon the company Bumblejax.  I read through each tab on their site including this super helpful FAQ section and decided to just give them a shot.  I ordered a 16×24 of the baskets and a 12×12 of a very special woman we love in Ethiopia.

The acrylics came so well packaged and were way beyond my expectations.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to the way my prints are displayed and I was floored.  I wish I had ordered bigger in fact.  The bonus was they came ready to hang.  Why am I writing this review?  I have a lot of clients who buy the digital rights and this is a company I trust with my work. The color, quality, and craftsmanship was spot on.  This place rocks and you will not be disappointed.  I’ve had a few friends order from Bumblejax since my initial post on FB, and they are just as happy.  Clients, I am happy to order for you or assist if you have questions.


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Below is a video on how they make their acrylic prints…


I Heart Faces |All Boy


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The theme at I Heart Faces is All Boy!  With two little boys running around here, I have lots to choose from.  The one I decided to share is of our oldest having a blast on my father’s hay bales.  I grew up on a farm, and like to visit as often as possible.  The hay bales are always a hit with my boys!  Looking forward to seeing a lot of creativity this week!


Photo Challenge Submission


Sabahar – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

If you go to Addis Ababa you have to find a driver that knows where Sabahar is located.  It is such an amazing store and the grounds are gorgeous.  They sell everything from jewelry to blankets.  I always stop there when I visit to load up on more goodies to bring home.  Amazingly enough, everything I have purchased over the years has held up beautifully.  We use our blankets and I definitely wear my scarves and not a one has unraveled or torn.  They make some of their products on location, but also hire weavers around Ethiopia that have looms at home.  Here are a few images from my recent trip followed by my new blanket and pillows that are now my favorites.

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I Heart Faces | Happiness

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When I saw this month’s challenge was Happiness at I Heart Faces I knew exactly the picture!  I was working in my office one evening and heard this loud giggling in my bedroom.  I walked in there to find my oldest playing Angry Birds laughing and having a wonderful time.  I took a quick picture with my phone and noticed the neat light from the screen on his face.  I grabbed my normal camera and quickly snapped a few more.  I think he was oblivious I was even in the room. 🙂  Looking forward to all the great entries this week!

I Heart Faces…Best Face Photo of 2011

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This was tough!  I took thousands of pictures in 2011 and picking my favorite was so difficult.  The one I finally picked is without a doubt a favorite.  I took it on my birthday of my oldest son.  We were giggling in my room when I noticed some pretty awesome light coming through the glass doors.  I asked if I could wrap my favorite Ethiopian scarf around him and take a picture.  My guess is that he said yes because it was my birthday.  What a wonderful present I can keep forever.

Summer Vacation!

I am so happy Harry let me take a bunch of pictures.  He has been “on strike” and I have missed capturing his sweet little face.

No…I did not pose him.  He actually asked me to take his picture and posed himself.  Hilarious.

I may have wallpaper made of this picture (kidding).  I love it that much.

We just returned from a wonderful vacation.  My boys love the beach and we all had such a wonderful time.  Ahhh…back to reality now.  I didn’t realize how much I needed to get away and relax!

3/17/2011…beautiful, but windy day

Well today started out perfect.  The boys were playing nicely, the windows were open…a really great morning.  We had to go to my parents to drop off a few things and then we took our recycling into town.  It was so windy today that when I opened my car door the wind took it and now it won’t shut right.  Weirdest thing ever!  We had all these errands to run and I was scared to death to drive home with the boys in the car.  The door luckily latched, it just isn’t quite “right”.  I don’t know how to explain it.  The whole way home Harry lectured me on how to open a door on a windy day and how I probably should have held on tighter so this wouldn’t have happened.  Thanks Harry…. Thankfully we got home safe and sound and decided to play outside on this warm day.  Here’s a few from today.

Oh my word…he looks like a big kid.  Where did my baby go? Sniff….

Toddler model…so funny how he strikes a pose.

the mookies…

We are all so ready for warmer weather.  Even though it was terribly windy, we decided to bundle up and head outdoors for a bit.  Ashenafi and I were freezing, but Harry could have stayed outside forever.  Here are a few pictures from today!

These were a second apart…my goodness!